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new and need some help with 97 sts

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I have a few things going on here.
1 The car misses in idle and when you first pinch the throtle down for hard exceleration.
2 I am getting a security warning when I start the car stating that the car may not start the next time I try to start it.
3 an last for now I have the oppertunity to get a 96 deville for parts will the interior parts aka back seats fit?
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1) Check the fuel pressure regulator
2) Possible VATS wiring failure
3) Probably not
I would add on 1) Spark plugs & wires. The rest is 100% covered.
thank you I will try to track the wiring new plugs and wires also I will check the seat's mounting hardware
When I bought the Bosch Platinum Four plugs Ranger (and everybody else) told me it was not a good idea, 20K later guess who was replacing the plugs again (they were good for less than 5K!). No need for somebody to say: “I told you so” I got-it, from that day AC Delco and nothing else period. Other than oil, oil filter, tires and light bulbs nothing on my car is anything but AC Delco.
For your miss there are several things it could be. The FPR and plugs and wires are a start. Test the coils too. I just finished chasing a miss and it ended up being a brand new spark plug that was cracked.

I have no idea what #2 could be.
just replaced the FPR on my car becuase of rough Idle and poor warm starts. Got all done and the warm start problem was gone!!!! but the rough idle was still there. I had a bad vacume hose, when the car started it would suck the broken hose together and appear to be ok, but on some slitght reving with my head under hood i heard it. L shped vacumne hose was broken (not visible at all, looked perfect) but when i grabbed it, it was 2 pieces instead of one. Replaceing it fixed my idle problem. Now if it would just get nie here (im In Fargo ND where the news is showing hte flooding, luckily in a safe area). good luck.
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