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New ads are kinda annoying at first but it seems like they arent killer, atleast there not in between posts, thats really annoying.

I would say id rather have them at the end of the threads.

BTW whats the deal with the $29 hotel deal...their website makes some sense but it may be a total skam (sp?) Anyone done this, seems like a hell of a way to get away with my gfriend.....
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Thanks for being understanding about the ads. They help me pay the bills around here. This place is getting busier and busier every day.. The more action we've got going on, the more it's going to cost to maintain..

Otherwise.. That hotel deal is mine. That's my site over at It's not a scam... :)
Oh! And thank you for becoming a Supporting Member! I really do appreciate it! You wont see those ads on the side as soon as I can get somebody to make that work for me. I tried for hours and cannot figure out how to do it myself. Unfortunately, I'll have to pay someone to write that into the program for me...
Cool. Thank you. I'm sure everything will work out just fine... :)
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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