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At 4100 pounds, the Charger is pretty heavy so it needs that much horsepower to move. Yes more power is cooler, but is it better? Not if gas prices continue their upward spiral. You cannot make that much power on regular unleaded. The '06 models were brought to market at least two years ago when the fuel demand was in a different place. If anything, we are going to see manufacturers backing off high power for more efficiency because consumers will demand it. People are already abandoning gas guzzlers for more modest and efficient cars, the trend will only continue.

Some of us bought the CTS because it had a V6 instead of a V8. As much fun as a CTS-V would have been, I just didn't want to feed it. The times that I would actually use the power of the CTS-V or it's competitors are so few that it is just silly to invest in so much waste. Sure there are people to whom these issues are beneath notice, but the public at large is going to be demanding more efficiency and less raw power. We are back to 70's when all the muscle cars were neutered so they wouldn't be as gas hungry. It is sad but true. Thankfully, I got in while the getting was good!
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