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New 20" Lexani's for my sts, what size tire?

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Guys I just bought a 99 sts and then I bought some rims for it. They are Lexani Krystal rims, 20" X 8.5" wide, with a 38 mm offset. I plan on running a 235/35/20 tire on the rims. Will I have any clearance problems? Can I fit a fatter tire- maybe a 245 or 255? Thanks,
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As long as the section width, overall diameter, bolt circle, and offset are extremely close to stock, you're OK. Section and tread width are what causes fender well interference, especially in turns. There are a lot of variables......good luck!
Make sure your wheels are a 115 mm bolt circle, not 114.3 mm. The smaller bolt circle bends the hardened wheel studs inward, and the lug nuts tend to gall the outer perimeter of each nut bevel. Recommended torque for a 12x1.5 stud is 100 ft/lb. This series of wheels indexes on the hub pilot, not the bolt circle.
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