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I got a hitch and wiring module from them in November. They assured me that the hitch would be covered by the exsisting rear facia about $100 for the new door that would from Cadillac. Annoyed by their incompetence and lack of knowledge but whatever. Then Monday night the wife is out with the SRX and it starts on fire at McDonalds drive up. She was not towing a trailer. I had towed a trailer about 20 times since the installation. After the fire department arrived and determined that it was the module, and cut it out, it was completely melted, and never even blew the in line fuse. The car had filled with smoke and was now also full of alot of water from trying to get the fire out. Spent 5 hours cleaning and drying the interior so you could stand the smell enough to use the car. It also melted the bottom of the tail light assembly... $430

Called the company and sent them pic's of the melted module and the damage to the taillight assembly. Since then they have requested more pic's of car, then pics of the trailer ( that was NOT hooked up at the time) then the report from the fire department, and now they wanted the melted module sent back to them, at my cost, of which I had to go dumpster diving for. And who know what else they will "request"

NEVER but anything from this low rent outfit. All I wanted was a refund and the cost of a new taillight assembly, I'd put it in so no labor, no charge for the cleaning of the car, no charge for the inconvience or the fact that my 3 year old son is now scared to get in his moms car, no charge for the hacking my wife has been doing for the last week from the ascidy smoke that has aggravated her asthma.

What ever happened to doing the right thing for a customer??? They SUCK!!!!
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