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If by performance you mean "how much faster can I peel out from this stop light than that yahoo to my side", then the CTS is probably not the car for you. Otherwise I think it performs wonderfully. The 3.2L has plenty of oomph for moderately aggressive driving and it has great handling for a car of its stature. A lot of it boils down to personal preferences/wants. For me, the interior space was a plus (e.g., the BMW 3 Series rear seat is a joke; pretty much useless unless a midget is in the front seat), I mostly like the dash styling and layout and the exterior with the black paint is about as menacing a look as you can get. On the flipside, when I saw the G35's looks, I said, "Eh." But arguing styling is pointless (and I know that the CTS has it's fair share of detractors over its looks). The 3.6L will probably make it an even sweeter ride, but not knowing what the 2004 pricing is going to be or what incentives will be available (0% for 60 months was great), I’m probably not going to miss those extra forty HP enough to make me care. And it’s American (to each his own, but I prefer to buy American when I can). Heck, if all someone wants is street drag-racing bang for the buck, get the Neon SRT and be done with it.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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