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If you want 4 door performance, but only have $35k to spend then defintley look at the Subaru STi this fall. Or the Infiniti G35 6spd sedan and Mitsubishi EVO right now...

But if 2 doors are enough for you, it is a decent choice I guess because you can always upgrade it's LS1 later to keep up with the faster cars if thats important to you. Stock however, the GTO is just not going to be the fire breathing beast that many seem to be making it out to be - it's simply too big and heavy compared to the competition. At that price I'd get a Cobra instead of a GTO if I were in the 2 door market.

When and if they start importing the 4 door version, then I'll change my tune and become a GTO fan. It would be nice to see a modern replacement for the old "cultish" V8 Impalla SS from the 90s... A 4 door GTO would be a practical useful car just like that Impala was, a great family hotrod and would likely sell like hotcakes - but they wont import one because it would compete too closely with the CTS Vseries sales at a $15k discount...

A 2 door GTO (in my opinion) is just far too big and fat and wasteful of space compared to it's 2 door competition in that price range - they will eat it for lunch. I have no desire for one...

If you must have a CTS, save up some more $$ and get the Vseries or 3.6-6spd in 2004. If you can't wait and must have something NOW for $35k, then head down to the Infiniti dealer and get a 4dr 6speed G35 - or a Mustang Cobra if 2 doors are enough. If 4 door performance is very important to you but you dont want to spend $50k or wait a year, just wait a few more months then get the STi. Probolem solved :)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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