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Need Valet tipping advice...

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hey guys,

It's been a looooong time since i had to go somewhere that i had to use a valet service. What is the acceptable standard of $$$$$ to give to have it parked out front and not moved all night. :)
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I usually hand them 5 when I pull up and 5 when they bring it back. And then check my Nav disc to se if it is still there.
To have it left right in front all night though...I'd imagine that'd cost a bunch more!
Here in LA, it can be $20-$100 right up front, depending on where you're at, and what else is parked there. Generally, $25-$30 is good.

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Yeah, unless it's an ultra-primo place, I'd drop a $20 upon arrival and $10 to pick it up.
I'm glad I live where I do so I don't have to deal with things like this. I don't like any one touching my car let alone drive it!
>I'd drop a $20 upon arrival and $10 to pick it up.

$20 at drop off, then $10 at pick up, huh.. Thanks, i hope that will do it.

I'm actually heading out to Federal Hill in Providence, RI for dinner this weekend.. It's there resturaunt district (kinda like a little italy). There is no parking there, except for valet.

One time In Boston, i was lucky enough to just happen to be in traffic behind a valet diriver (just after he picked up a car from someone). He took it, was driving pretty fast, and then parked it down the street in a jammed up garage with all of the other valet cars. I was thinking to myself... Not with my "V" your not!!

Sooooo.... $20 at drop off should leave it there, parked out front...
In my experiences...(Vegas and Dallas) $10-$20 is fine. $10 will get you out of the garage and semi close to the front, but $20 will get you right up front. Maybe I'm a little cheap but I only give them $5 on the pick up.
If I can't park where I want to, without someone else doing it for me - I spend my money elsewhere. (This based upon 3 lousey experiences with valet parkers way way back when I was 25.) They can't try out my wife, and they can't try out my car no matter how good their food is.
Valet parking at a hotel sux! I was in Hollywood at a seminar for a few days. I forget the name of the place. It was in a mall just on the other side of Graumans (sp?) Chinese Theater where all the stars' imprints are in the concrete.
Anyway, I was in and out of there several times every day. Tipping at those prices each time would kill me? :rant2:
BTW.... Having never used a valet before.... Can i expect to keep the keys after tipping/paying enough for the up front parking?
This would be a great PM to Gergreg. He's a pro at valet parking.
No Seriously!
BTW.... Having never used a valet before.... Can i expect to keep the keys after tipping/paying enough for the up front parking?
Generally they keep the keys...however if you give them $20-$30 and they park it up front, you can usually get them to let you hold on to the keys. Just tell them that you have something valuable in the car and would appreciate holding on to the keys. Most valets should be cool with that.
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