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Need trunk pull down motor

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Hey guys... Anyone have a used working pull down trunk motor they can ship to me for a reasonable price? I have a 96 Seville SLS that I bought recently, and the trunk has not been fully closing... I checked today and found that the pull down motor is not there! Just a black thing with wires attached to it that I am betting plugs into it..... Thanks!

It's not a critical issue to me, but I'm tired of people telling me my trunk is open as I'm getting in my car...LOL! :yawn:
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I have an old 87 with the trunk spring broke and my lady friend let the trunk lid fall on the switch and broke it. I went to the Cadillac garage and told the parts man I just needed the the switch part not the whol;e motor and he had it. I pulled out two twenty dollar bills and about passed out when he said it was $11.00. Cqll your dealership and ask for parts and tell them what you want and ask for a price. I found another complete one one I'm saving for a back up.
Go to your nearest salvage yard, your bound to find what you're looking for, if not try Ebay.
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