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The power antenna on my car broke, so we found one from a '93 Eldorado at the junk yard, and picked it up. attached to the antenna 9well we took it off for now) is a smallish 4 channel amp, made by Delco, must have came with the Eldo's factory, or as an upgrade....who knows.

I don't know anything about it, power output or anything, it is small, and I woudln't think up to the job of driving subs or something, but maybe to power the rear 6x9's? who knows, then it would take some strain from my HU out (Alpine CDA-9807)

Got it all for $50, including the amp, we got the power antenna in, and it works great, does anyone have any info on this amp? know anything about it?

model number is:


What woudl you guys recomend, use it to power all 4 speakers? just the 2 rear 6x9's or not use it at all?

Right now, once I find some info about it, I would like to see if I could havbe it powering the rear 6x9's and have the Alpine power the front 5 1/4" and tweets
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