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hey guys i need a little help if possible: i have brought my car to my dealership (warranty) two times for a grinding noise when i turn my steering wheel left and right. it sounds like metal is lightly grinding on something solid. its constant until i straighten out my wheel. the first time they said they found nothing and the noise went away for about 2 days. i brought it back and they said they took care of the rubbing. that was the only explanation they gave me. i didn't stick around to ask more questions as they had my car for a day and a half and never called to say it was all set.

anyone have a problem like this or know what it might be??

also just today i noticed a hissing sound coming from the rear of my car underneath. when i turn my car to "on" (not starting it) you can hear the hissin and it goes away but when i start it its a constant loud hissing. loud enough to notice it.

i know nothing about cars so any help at all will be cool
thanks guys
1 - 2 of 2 Posts