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need some help with a '77 GM paint color

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I'm trying to find the color name / paint code for a color GM used in 1977. It was a medium turquoise blue with greenish metalflake. I've looked at old paint charts online, but unfortunately none of them seem to show the metalflake.
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Kevin, Look in the stickies under FAQ - there is a thread about Cadillac colors and their codes, go to about page 2 or 3 of the thread to see pictures of the original color chips. :) Dave

I just noticed the pictures are not showing up on my device on that thread, I have the color chart for 1977 at my up north residence and can post for you if still needed, it is thawing out there so I'll probably venture up soon. :)
Check theoldcarmanualproject

And, that shade was probably on another year, too.
If we're talking 1977 Cadillacs, I think you're referring to color 90-Cerulean Blue Firemist.
This was about as close as I could find, although the color I'm thinking of had a more greenish tint due to the metalflake.

The reason I'm trying to find the color is one of my toronados is a month out from paint, and I want to find a factory color so it looks semi correct, and my dad had a 77 impala wagon in that color when I was a kid (it was a very odd color I've only seen again, on a caddy on this forum.....It was a 77-79 with orange interior and sunroof. Medium teal with green metalflake from the factory.)
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Ended up dropping by a local body shop and borrowing their old color code books (they had DuPont 73-82). Found the exact color. Also, the big 3 had such awesome colors back then. Why can't we have nice things now? Silver, black, and white.....bleh.
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Atlantis aqua metallic, according to the Cadillac section of the 78 DuPont color book
Oh yeah! That one's in the 1979 catalog. I love that color!
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