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Need opinions

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Hey guys.

The engine is almost finished, and we are about to paint it. Thing is, I need a bit of help deciding on the colors.

The engine compartment frame, radiator shroud, etc will be semi-gloss POR 15 black.

I plan to paint the block and oil pan red. The water pump will be painted red as well. Now, here is where it gets a bit tricky. The heads have to have a really high temp coating. The only options I see are 1500 degree flat black, or 1500 degree "Nu-Cast" finish. The intake manifold will be gloss black.

Those are the plans so far.

I was thinking maybe make both the intake manifold and heads the nu-cast or something like that, so that it doesn't look so weird with 3 different colors. Another option would be to have the heads ceramic coated when I send in the headers.

Do they make powdercoating that can stand up to these temps?

Also, what do you guys suggest on tranny color?

Just trying to piece this all together. Now that I've got the performance part decided, I have to have it looking good too!
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