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Need help with carb hoses/lines

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I'm putting my new carb back on and can't remember were this final hose goes:

along the front of the bottom of the carb there are 3 nipples sticking out - what does the middle one go to? It's also the middle in size. I believe I still have the hose that it had on it, it's about a foot long.

thanks heaps!
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nobody has a 77-79 they can check out for me? :(
Hi Is that a Rochester carb?? The middle port on a '76 is about 3/8" diameter, and goes to the power brake booster. For reference, a small port,( on the passenger side of the car) is for the transmission modulator line, and the one on the driver side is for a vacuum break canister on the carb. That one is a small port also. This is from a diagram in the '76 shop manual. Hope it helps.

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