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Need Help With 94 Seville Sts Stalling

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I Recenty Aquired A 94 Seville Sts From A Friend, And Found Out That The Car Stalls After You Have Been Driving It For About 15 Minutes. You Get To A Stop Light And When You Go The Car Stalls. It Starts Back Up Right Away, Usually. I Live In South Florida Where It Is Humid, I Am Saying This Because It Only Does This During The Day, It Hasn't Done This At Night Yet. Any Help Would Be Appreciated. This Car Has 70000 Miles On It And It Is In Mint Condition, A Retired Man Had The Vehicle For 12 Years And Hasn't Driven It Much In The Last 4 Years.
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Wrong forum, this is for the 05 and above. If you would scroll down farther on the main page you will find a Forum just for the older Sevilles and may have better luck getting an answer.
Quick fix would be to trade it in on a 2005+ STS and then post in this area. :)

As mentioned earlier you can find the pre 2005 Seville page a little further down on the front page.
I am new to this forum, thanks for wasting your time and mine on your reply.
It will be moved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tisk: :tisk:
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