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Need Help T-shooting elec. short in 92 Deville

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My 92 DeVille has developed an electrical short in the circuit controlled by fuse # 11 (20 amp = cigar lighter, radio, chime, and power antenna). I'm trying to troubleshoot the problem by eliminating possible causes ...

I've disconnected my power antenna (pulled apart the plug below the antenna, in the trunk).

I've disconnected the cigar lighter by pulling the plastic connector off the rear of the lighter, which disconnects the hot (orange) and ground (black) wires. There's still a green wire going into the ash tray ... maybe for a light? Not sure.

I'm attempting to disconnect power to the (after market) radio ... I've pulled off the plastic "wiring shields" below the dash, and am trying to find the connector. Hopefully will have this done and eliminate this possibility soon.

But I'm curious about the chime ... With fuse #11 removed, the chime (or at least **A** chime) is still making a sort of muffled noise when I start the engine. I'm trying to find the chime, so I can pull it. But it's so quite that I'm having trouble locating it.

1. Can anyone tell me where the chime is located?
2. Are the on-line accessible wiring diagrams that would help me continue troubleshooting this problem if I elminate these four items from contention?
3. Does anyone know of other items that may be on this same circuit, which may be causing the problem, but which I've not listed above?
4. Any other suggestions about how to troubleshoot this?

Thanks for any help.
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OK, I figured it out! So no need to reply.

But I'd still be interested to know if there are on-line wiring diagrams available -- for future reference.
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