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There is a connection between antifreeze and NOx levels, but it's different than what you wrote.

LOW coolant = engine running hot = increased combustion chamber temperature = increased combustion chamber pressure = ripe conditions for formation of NOx.

I haven't used any of these "top engine cleaner" products for a long time. Some names to look for are Gum-out, CD2, Gunk, STP, etc. Read the labels in the parts store. Typically they are labelled to remove varnish, carbon deposits on valves, free up stuck rings, etc. Packaging may have changed, but these always used to be in metal cans with a pull-top lid (like a pudding cup) because the solvents in them will dissolve plastics (don't spill any on your paint or your driveway).

I can relate to what Wes is saying about the white smoke. Once while a student I used an aerosol can of carb cleaner on my 84 Charger (Omni). I was in the parking lot at work at lunch merrily spraying this stuff down the carb throat & revving the snot out of the engine. I finished the can, stood up & looked over the top of the hood to see a wall of white smoke 50ft high and 200 feet long drifting across the parking lot. Oops.

Good luck. Emissions compliance can be a pain in the arse.
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