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NEED HELP ( no heat)

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I have a 97 STS and it seems that the AC blower has went out. I checked for codes but nothing showed. Is there a fuse for this or anyother way to troubleshoot. I'm trying to do as much as I can before I take it to the dealer
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There are no codes far as I can tell, but you should check fuses first.

If you need a new blower motor make sure you're sitting down when they give you the price ..... I just had the same thing done (by my mechanic) last week on my 97 STS, and it cost $750 .... apparently the labor alone for this is 3 hours according to GM.

Good luck if you can do it yourself, you'll definitely save some green!
I just did one on a '97 Deville. Dealer price was $386. I got it from gmpartsdirect for $225. Never bothered to ask what labor was but $750 out the door would not surprise me.

These blowers are known to fail and have been redesigned. Also check the connection toi be sure it is clean and tight but most likely the blower has headed south.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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