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03 Cadillac CTS
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i have a 2003 cts.
just bought rims.

1) im thinking about lowering it.
is there a specific kind of kit i need,
or can i get any eibach lowering?

2) i want to change out my inside lights (dome lights)
to LED's. how do i do that? how do i take off the cover?

3) how hard is it to convert my non HID headlights
into HID's and what kind of kit would i need for my low beam?
and is there another way i can get to my headlights
without taking off front bumper?

thank you very much for all the helpp!

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For question number 1, I am not going to answer that at all. Because I have never lowered a car, and besides I think it's low enough. At least for my area of driving, Connecticut that is.

Question 2, I bought all of my inside lights off of ebay. From a seller named u2LED. For the map lights, they use 194 size bulbs. Come two in a pack from this seller, so you'll only need to buy one. Then for the rest they use 211 size bulb, which they only sell one at a time. So you would need to buy 5 for the inside only, or 6 if you want to do the trunk as well.

To take out the map lights, you will need to pull down the entire cover there. Just grab the nearest to you/rear of the car downwards. The front/nearest to the windshield, are on two hinges. Though they make come apart too, no big deal.

The puddle lights, you'll need to use a small flat head screw driver. Pop the whole lens out and then there lies the bulb. If I remember correctly, they can be popped out and the new leds popped back in. The two there are at the driver's feet and the passenger's feet aren't a pop out and pop in. You have to push the bulb to one side to clear the other side of the contact. Once the bulb is out, just push the two contacts closer and you'll be able to let the bulb hang in there. Try to make the points on the bulbs go into those little holes. You'll see what I am talking about.

The rear light, you have to use the little screw driver again to pop out the lens. Bulb is right there. Can't remember if that one is like the puddle lights, or the feet lights. As far as the contacts. Then the trunk is the same, little screw driver to pop the lens with contacts out.

Remember, these are leds. So if they don't work one way, turn it 180 and they should work. I also suggest in buying the 7-LED 194 bulb and the 8-LED on the 211, trust me on this.

As for question 3, that is the only way that I know is to take the bumper off. It's not that hard to do. One important tool you would need, is a metal hook. So that you could pull out the center part of the plastic popit tabs. That is the best way to get them out with out damaging them. Also, you make want to have a jar or butter tub handy for those popit tabs. Again, the seller that I trust and have delt with over 10 times. For all my friends that I have bought for, that is why I have gone to him 10 times. Would be rz199671, he is based in China. But the products are really good, and for less than $100, you'll have those HIDs in two days. Yes, two day shipping for him. :) I recommend in getting 8000K color temp from him to match the new leds inside the car. 9006 for low beam, 9005 for high and 880 for fog lights.



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Depends on how low you want it.
I'm guessing you have the base model because you
Don't have hid's. So having the base model it would
Be a little higher than others.
I have the lux sport its FE3, the FE4 is even lower off
The V. They are all factory. Check out my thread
On new 20zzzz it will show you ride height
With different wheels.
Ill post links to pics my 18s and my 20z in a few hrs
If u can't find them. The 18s were in someone elses
Post of wheel size recently
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