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Need help, Code 46 on Monitor

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I'am living in Switzerland and I just bought an ETC 1992 with the 4.9 Engine. Now just a simple question. Fuel is going empty and the display show's me LO what means go to the gasoline station that's ok. But on same time it tell's me on the Monitor a Code "46"?? Somebody can tell me what that means?

Thanks for your help

All the best from Switzerland

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Code 46 means you have a left to right bank fueling difference.

Your car has two oxygen sensors one on each side of the engine. The computer compares the output of each sensors against the other and sets a code if the difference exceeds a preset threshold.

Likely causes of code 46 are:

1. Bad injector on one side of the engine.
2. Bad spark plugs.
3. Exhaust or intake manifold leak.

Also check for codes 013, 017, 042, 043, 044 and 045 which are designed to detect a bad oxygen sensor.
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