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Need help, Code 46 on Monitor

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I'am living in Switzerland and I just bought an ETC 1992 with the 4.9 Engine. Now just a simple question. Fuel is going empty and the display show's me LO what means go to the gasoline station that's ok. But on same time it tell's me on the Monitor a Code "46"?? Somebody can tell me what that means?

Thanks for your help

All the best from Switzerland

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that is interesting. now and then, my '88 4100 also does the 046 code & the scary SYSTEM FAULT message right about the time the low fuel light comes on.

this usually happens usually when the car is climbing the winding road in the hills with low fuel.

is it possilbe that the pump swallows some air?
my fix is to pull over. shut it down and wait 60 seconds.
upon restart, the 046 is gone.

anyone else?

pwe65 said:

thanks for your quick response. Just one thing, it shows only if the fuel goes empty, I mean if the Fuel shows on the digital board LO. Otherwise I never had this message.

All the best

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