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need help adjusting my right headlamp

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Hi everyone

I need to adjust my right headlamp a little bit, I noticed today its aiming a little towards the ground and I need to raise it up to be even w/ my left headlamp

can someone tell me how to adjust my passenger headlamp up/down

I see a star shaped screw at the top of the headlight towards the fender, is that what I turn to make it move up/down...I dont want to start messing w/ bolts if they arent the right ones : )

if anyone can help, I'D SURELY APPRECIATE IT!!!

Thanks everyone!
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ya thats it, let me know what u use to turn that thing, was thinking of adjusting mine.
1997 seville

so the star screw is what I turn to move it up/down??
to anyone who needs to adjust/align your headlight::

theres 2 star shaped scews above each headlamp assembly

theres 1 star shaped screw above each day time running lamp, and the 2nd star shaped screw is above the low beam light

the 1 above the day time running lamp moves the headlight assembly left/right

the 1 above the low beam light moves the headlight assembly up/down

hope this helps anyone else looking to align their headlights
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Ranger said:
You use a torx head screw driver.
Hmm, i have full set of torx bits, but the problem is that the screw is the same as the torx bit, therefore needing a reverse torx or something and ive never seen those anywhere.

I was think of maybe a torx screw and welding that to something like a screwdriver or something.
Ok nevermind

Upon further investigation (mostly putting on my glasses) i see how the center of the bolt also has the star pattern... DOH!!

I always need help trying to figure small stuff out.
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