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Need good fuel rail for 1998 cadillac sts.

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Anybody knows where I can get one!
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I am interested. what do i need to do? I would prefer stainless steel. These things look so cheap! Is there an aftermarket option?
Ok, I have the new steel fuel rail. It is set up different than the nylon one. I just need to know exactly how to make the transition from nylon to steel. Do I need new fuel lines? I read the nylon or steel fuel rail forum and just need to make sure I do this right. Thanks for all the info.
Ok. I was just reading in the thread (nylon or steal fuel rail?) posts 9,14,16,18 and 21, talks about some adjustments that had to do with changing fuel rails. I am just trying to figure out if those post will involve me and what I am trying to do. I have both fuel rails in the picture provided in thread.
Time for a update. New parts. Water pump cam tensioner and belt, Front engine mount, PCM, fuel rail, injectors, fuel pressure regulator, serpentine belt, top radiator hose, oil pressure sensor, acdelco plugs and wires. Am hoping this solves my cold start and rough idle problems. I cleaned the tb. I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts.
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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