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'05 CTS Luxury
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I have an '05 with standard 7-speaker sound system. I want to replace the 4 door speakers. For the front speakers, am I better off with the:

1. Infinity Kappa 52.7i with its' 2 ohm impedance, 55 RMS, 55hz-25kHz, 94db ratings?


2. Polk db525 with its' 4 ohm impedance, 45 RMS, 60hz-22kHz, 93 db ratings?

Given the relatively meager output to the door speakers and the configuration of the front cross-overs at the amp, which way do you think I'll net out better in terms of matching the speaker to the amp? Does anyone know if the cross-overs included with the Infinity speakers will play nicely with the factory set-up?

BTW, what are the RMS numbers for the stock speakers?

Thanks in advance...
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