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Need advice, help!

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I got my car back from the dealership finally. I want to get some people's opinion as to what I should do and what may actually be wrong?

I have a 2004 CTS-V with around 35K miles on it. There are 3 main problems with the car.
1) Hard to get from nuetral to first at a light. Also very sloppy gears and very loud.
2) Whining/Howling noise from the rear of my car in 4th/5th/6th gear between 45-50 m.p.h.
3) Rough start. Car can begin to vibrate and there is some clutch chatter.

Other than that, there is the common clunk and rough idle, etc...but the above are getting out of control!
As for what I have done, I took it to the dealer earlier and they had the field rep, Larry something, come out and drive it and he claimed that the nuetral to first hard shift was normal and the whining was also normal. He didnt find a rough start, but then again they didnt even check for it according the the records.

Any ideas from anyone as to what the problems may be? I also gave Cadillac a call, and they claimed that since the field rep drove it and said it was normal, there isnt anything more they can do. What is the whining noise and why is it so damn hard to get the car into first?? Someone please offer some advice and solutions.
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Rear end noise is NOT normal, neither is the tranny not going into first. It is picky but anyone should be able to get it in first with min effort.

Read the sticky about rear end noise. It is common to have the rear end whine/howl, especially if you have the old part number. If you can hear it above one of the first radio settings, then it is bad. If you have to concentrate on hearing it then it is probably good.

Check out also.

If you search rear end noise, you'll be up all night reading through all of the posts.

Where do you live? Some field service reps are pitiful. Start pressuring Cadillac to fix it. Chances are it will only get worst.
Best advice one could give you...go to a different dealership.

Get the differential replaced for the whine.
Not sure about the shifting into first problem
I have #1 (I am meeting with a rep at some point to go over this)... its the tranny.. there is an 05 bulletin that is this exact symptom but they refuse to honor it for an 04.. I am going to fight this.. Its a tranny problem...

I also have 3 sometimes... I am not sure what this is... I did get a new pressure plate/slave cylinder (they replaced it thinking it would fix #1) and it did get better...

My biggest issue now is jerking.. I think my rear diff bushing is messed up...

what dealer did you go to? I went to penske by the way...

I normally go to Penske and they have been pretty good with the things, or at least have reasonable explanations. I had to go to Coast Cadillac since GM said to try them, but I personally hate them! At least Penske claimed there was a problem, while Coast was just like, yeah its all normal, go home. Let me know when you go Reed, I'll try to join you at the same time. WHo knows, if we go together, we might actually get something accomplished and we can check out each others car and compare? I'll send you my number via e-mail. By the way, I also read up on the 05 ctsv TSB and they do not honor the 04. I have major jerking as well, but have considered it to be normal with the car. I have a friend who has the same year but with 8000miles...and wow is there is a difference in my car and his! Lets just hope Penske does something and fixes the problems for good.
clutch chatter is often a sign of a worn or glazed clutch. At 35K miles that is quite possible.
I've had incredible good experience at Mark Christopher in Ontario. Denniscars has apparently had good luck at Martin in L.A.
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