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I'm replacing the filler neck on my '99 Eldorado and the guy searching for one says he needs to know if the car has the onboard vapor recovery or not....
How do I tell that ? The car is an early '99 built in late 1998, does that matter ?

ANy help would be much appreciated,
Mark B. :thumbsup:

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All cars built since the late 70's have some sort of vapor recovery's an emissions law.

BUT, how your car is set up may be different....there are several ways to skin this cat, and one system uses the top of the fuel pump/sender module as part of a vacuum purge setup.

Either a real GM shop manual, a dealer's computer parts disc, or disassemble the inner wheel well liner and see if there are any 1/4 - 1/2" lines attached to the filler neck, up toward the top near the gas cap.
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