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Good luck, I had to buy a parts unit off ebay and pray the dvd drive was good.

It ended up being good, so now I have a spare navigation system where all I need is a faceplate and dvd drive and it'll be complete....I'm always scouting on ebay for another parts unit to repair it and sell. Unfortunately, the dvd drive is usually what goes out first and requires seller to sell it as part's only. If you do start bidding on one via ebay, let me know so I'm not bidding it up on you, it's not that important to me to get this spare one fixed.

Also, be careful and look at the pictures posted on ebay. I have ran across a couple people selling the 03 cd-rom navigation unit as a dvd unit. I usually shoot them a msg telling them their picture's show a cd-rom navigation unit and they need to edit their auction, but none ever do. One guy recently started arguing with me that it's impossible for navigation to be a cd-rom, until I pointed out where his picture states cd-rom next to the navigation drive. It also came with the map DVD that was clearly labeled as compact disc only covering Florida and the above states. What a deal!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts