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I need a couple odd pieces for my 96 deville starting off I bought a driver side mirror because my old one turned blue but the new mirror actually used seems to be missing a piece it looks as if there might be a piece in betweent the mirror and the little motors which turn in circles I don't understand how the mirrors work though because there are just 2 motors that turn in circles I don't understand how the mirror would go up and down and side to side.

I am think that there maybe is a missing piece in between the mirror to the motor piece that may help it to turn and angle itself can anyone tell me what they are or how I can get them?

The other thing I need is a radio knob for my factory stereo the one it had was chipped but I don't know where I can get this knob without spending $20+ on a whole unit.

The only junkyard I've seen any devilles in doesnt have these parts and I have no clue where I can get them because most of the junkyards I've been to don't have any cadillacs I also don't want to spend $100 on these little parts.

If anyone can get these 2 parts I am willing to pay $20 to have them sent to me.

Any help would be appreciated. If I can't get them from a junkyard I'll have to call the dealership and see if I can just somehow get these 2 pieces and now have to buy the whole assemblys.
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