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Hello again friends of the V,

After a long mid summer stretch of racing some less comfortable GM V8 sports car, I am getting back behind the wheel of the V for an evaluation of some shock rework at the SCCA National at Gingerman raceway this coming weekend. It is located in South Haven, MI if anyone would like to swing by and hang out. The V run group is in a unique format as we practice, qual, and race all on Saturday with the race going off at about 4:30pm Sat. I ran a test there with my sponsor in July and ran 71 laps in one day at 100% pace, stopping only to fill up with gas and change a used set of brake pads, with another used set of brake pads. Still on the rotors I ran at Road America for the June Sprints!

As always you can keep up with our progress at our website located in my signature line. The summer with the Vette has been new and interesting to say the least, but I am excited to get back in the V (and actually have real brakes) and go for a 5th National win on the season.

I will also be "racing" the C6 Corvette that weekend, although it is just to break in a new motor (self induced rev limit). The old one exploded in a spectacular firey fashion 3 weeks ago.:eek:
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