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Navigation questions

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I have been tinkering with this and I just don't seem to be able to figure it out. Let's say I set my destination and I take off heading towards that destination, is there a way to see what the ensuing/future steps the navigation system has planned for the trip? In other words, I'm cruising along, I'd like to know what the path it intends to have me follow is.

Also, let's say that I'm heading to point A, but I need to find a gas station first. I know that I can do a waypoint, but I did that the other day and then decided to not go to the waypoint, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to cancel the trip to the gas station and continue on with my trip to point A. I ended up cancelling the whole thing and starting it again.

Last question... from time to time, I think the navigation system reboots itself. Is this highly unusual from your experience?
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part 1: yes.. you can simulate a route.. its in the menu (sorry, dont have a screen shot here)..

Part 2: I would probably delete the trip, use nearby poi to get to a gas station.. then when i want to get back to my original destination, use the last 10 to easily start that trip again.. anyone know a better way?

part 3: it happens... Happens to me sometime and i am sure everyone experienced it.... if it happens too much, take it in.

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