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Navigation Question

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One quick question I had was on the XLR NAV -- When I'm driving on the street or freeway, it never says on the bottom what street I'm actually on like it shows on my STS-V or old Z06 does. It seems like a waste of space to not show what street your on since you can't see the names on the map unless you're zoomed in pretty far.

Is this the way it is for all of you other XLR(V) owners with No street name showing on the bottom of the screen?

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I am reasonably sure that is the case on that unit.
As much as I hate to admit it, that unit has been in service for a while.
Some of the systems in the newer models came out much later and had more features added to them such as the display of the street name.

Others can report back, but I am fairly certain that on all the ones I have driven it doesn't do that.
If memory serves, this unit was used in the Devilles since around 2002 and it fits nicely into the setup they use in XLR.
I suspect that soon this will get replaced with a better unit in the upcoming model.
Of course that doesn't help you, but it does answer your question I think.
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