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Navigation DVD

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Hi all,

Finally purchased a V last weekend. Love the car so far. The owner communicated to me that the nav doesn't work. It seems he lost the oem DVD CD. Does anyone have a copy or extra they'd be willing to sell or gift? Not messing with the nav or sound system till the summer. I'll pay the shipping if it helps.
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Lesson 1 for any forum... learn how to use the "search" function :) Not being a dick about it, but I know there's a thread somewhere in the "general discussion" forum that speaks to the Nav DVD directly. It's available for a reasonable price. Just find the thread and follow the instructions. Cheers and welcome to the club!
From personal experience, make sure the DVD drive works, first.
^^^ I know someone who got a DVD for free and has a drive that doesn't work. :p Maybe he can pass the disk along (unless he's getting the drive fixed, of course).
I have two, I'm waiting for a disk scratch repair machine to come in the mail. If I can get both disks to read I could send you one?
Pm sent.

The DVD player does work. Already tested that. Thanks for the help.
Found a guy who was able to get me a copy cheaper than the stealerships. The DVD laser reader definitely works and the nav isn't half bad.
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