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2015 Mercedes CLS63 AMG S
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So I've had my NAV system replaced 3 times in 2 years.

Anyways, after the first swap I got a really old looking stupid unit. The NAV DVD-ROM drive quit on it.

Replaced by dealership. When I got it back noticed a button was upside down but it was a farely nice brand new looking unit (minus the DEST button upside down).

Anyways, brought it back, they replaced it.

Now the unit I have is great, and beleive it or not I have sound coming out of the back speakers (which I didn't realize it didn't before, since I never have any passengers)....

Anyways, the last unit I got, good shape, except for the volume control, it's been worn down from heavy use (from whoever had it before it was repaired and given to me). It's not grippy (the rubber has actually been worn down a bit, donno how this happened), and when it turns, it doesn't even really tick, it's annoying, especially when comparing it to the other knob used to change channels (to the right).

I don't want to bring it in to the dealership since I doubt they'll replace the whole unit for those two reasons, and I don't want to sound like a neurotic fool...

But I was just wondering, is there a screw in the unit I may be able to tighten up to get the tick-tick feeling back when turning the volume up/down?

It's an odd request, but I thought I'd ask!
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