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Nav issues (prelim bulletin)- Also Navtraffic DVD different!

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For those of you having problems inputting an address outside of Michigan, I found the solution to your problem.


Also, this preliminary bulletin leads me to believe that there is a difference between the normal nav and the XM Navtrac units. I would be curious to know if a new DVD would make the nav traffic work or if a Hip-Hop box (as was suggested in another thread) really exists...

I am almost sure there is a hardware difference.. The question is, what happens if they swap out the nav system...

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I have one of the early 05s.I picked mine up july of 04 so i have the older system that needs nav part# 25766899 in kit #25766903
heavy ?? is this part # the new one?
I have the same delima.

I got my 05 in Oct of 04.

Rght now I am just waiting for the new release of the NAV DVD for the INFINITY in Oct, and seeing if that works in my car.

This is why they should have made the operating system of the nav "flashable".

What a bunch of BS.
I'm in the same boat. I've had my car to the dealer 3 times on this. I bought my 2005 in May of 2004. Since my navi buttons are pealing, the dealer is replacing my unit. They claim this should take care of it. After ready above it appears I'll need a new nav disk too. Does anyone know if the part number quoted in the bulletin is for the most recent released disk?
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