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As known by many owners of 2005-7 STS with Navigation (RPO YQ4) the clock fix firmware circa 2020 breaks Voice Recognition & various other functions depending on steering wheel button layout. This is the fix available on the web at It did fix the clock issue, but as I am informed the GPS date/time format has since been corrected, I'd like to restore my cars to the previous version.

I was running a second generation firmware (NAVI OFC15) distributed to dealers upon request in 2007 to improve Bluetooth, VR performance, etc. I want to try re-installing that Nav Firmware Update but my dealer no longer has the required DVD Set GM# 15943724 as described in TSB 05-08-126-001A & Doc# 1889058.

Anyone have a DVD set that I might get a copy?

I'll try another dealer, but I'm not optimistic. Anyone able to help?

Thank you in advance,

Charlie Smith
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