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National Meet '08.

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Since the first national meet was so awesome, let's start planning the '08 meet! This time I'll actually be able to buy drinks! LOL!


I'm kinda thinking somewhere in the middle of the country, so most people will have to drive (or fly) roughly the same distance. Chicago perhaps? Loads of hotels, plenty of space and attractions, lots of sights to see. I think we should do it about the same time of the year as now...not too hot, not too cold.

All suggestions are of help!
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Yes, there has to be another one that I'll be at!

Chicago would be fine, but I wish it would be in Detroit. We never meet there, and it's the home of Cadillac! Most people have a very warped image of it, I feel safer there than most other cities I've been to.

Wouldn't it a be a great cruise? Just think about it. And I could take my '79 back to the Clark Street plant where she was built!
I'm pretty sure if we had our meet in Detroit half the attendees would be going back without their Cadillacs! LOL!

Nah, but you're right, the spiritual home of Cadillac is Detroit. Is that Book-Cadillac hotel still there? We could all get a pic of them in front of that hotel.
Aw C'mon guys St. Louis is closer to the middle, or maybe Kansas City.
St. Louis is closer to me, but I'd feel safer in Detroit lol!
I'd be up for either St. Louis or Kansas City. I may not have my Brougham by then, but I'd bring my Lincoln. And I agree with Chad, this time of the year is perfect for a meet.

Heck yeah, St. louis is pretty dang center. Jesda and I could come up with some great ideas!
I vote for Chicago or STL.
Kansas City has more to do!
Well lets put out a vote. although it makes no difference to me. I dont agree about one city having more to do than another. At least between these 2. But i do agree with nick... StL or Chi. Chicago would be awesome. But there are some great areas here too
Kansas City has more to do!

HAHAHA, I think youre biased Phil!!! Just playin, KC is cool with me also! I think we need to get things squared away earlier so more people will be able to show up next time.
We should get some input from the Florida group, after all, they're the biggest concentration of members. What about some place in Tennessee like Nashville? It would be closer for all of our members from New York and New Jersey.
Look at it this way, if its in St Louis you're going to have the benefit of three folks working on organizing. Right Ryan, Jesda!

Personally my preference would be Memphis! on the weekend of the barbeque Cookoff for May days
Good point!
Alright, it sounds like STL is the place we want. I've never spent serious time there, so I don't know how much there is to do, but I trust yous to pick a good spot. Same time of year?
hey we can discuss this more. I up for with whatever is central that will get the most people. But St. louis would be good and the track opens early in the year so for those that would want that its there. Theres plenty here dispite what you may hear
It sounds fine to me, it's a short trip! I think we should have a vote, but it sounds like STL would win.
STL or TN.

You may actually have to drive Florida people. Its half the fun anyway.
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