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Name this part (again)

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Alright, I raised the cradle last night, it is 90 % connected but can't figure out where this HVAC tube is supposed to connect to, the one running to the left.
Second, I think I ripped the horn wiring when dropping the cradle, does anyone know where to find the original ends of these wires.

Thanks (again)!

P.S. Looks like I cant post any pics now (WTF), I'll try later, but the HVAC tube is the one coming from the driver side firewall which then splits into 2, one goes somewhere underneath the engine and the other...I don't know.
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The pics.


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That hose you're holding is a vacuum hose that crosses the engine and connects at the throttle body. The horn looks like an alarm (non-OEM), good luck with that.
Thanks Cadillac_Tech, (typo) the HVAC is one the passanger side, I'll check the thorttle body more closely after work, but as far as I remember I already exhausted all of the vacuum fittings.
If you are putting a newer engine in the car you might have some troubles.
There came a point where they stopped using that vacuum line because all the air delivery doors switched to electric so they had no use for a vacuum line.
You may have to tap into something else for your HVAC vacuum.
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The vacuum hose connects to the right side of the intake at the back fire valve. The valve may have a vacuum cap on it. the valve is behind the P/S pump.:thumbsup:
AJxtcman, you were dead on, I just couldn't see it because of the fuel line, thanks alot.
It's a doohickey !
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