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N* stock engine/exhaust note

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Is there some good recording of interior and exterior stock sound of the Northstar V8 STS? I was searching for some and as usual with STS, results were too few and too unsatisfactory :(
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Stock - Classy & Quiet
Corsa - Forum member consensus for upgraded exhaust sound w/o drone
Borla - Full system stainless replacement but spendy & some report exhaust drone at cruise
Others (Magnaflow, Gibson, Walker, custom mods, etc.) - Higher potential risk & cost for questionable benefit

I've read all the Forum threads and never felt the need to change. The STS designers were able to optimize the N* performance while achieving a very smooth and strong yet refined sounding exhaust. Don't expect more power; but if you want it louder under throttle, the Corsa seems to be the popular choice.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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