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N* stock engine/exhaust note

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Is there some good recording of interior and exterior stock sound of the Northstar V8 STS? I was searching for some and as usual with STS, results were too few and too unsatisfactory :(
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At idle there's a nice, subtle rumble if you're close by the rear, sounds real nice.
That's the thing, from the few recordings I heard it didn't seem all that nice, but they were all done with some rubbish microphone or with a lot of background noise, hence why I have to ask here, heh.

Two very, very different cars
Well, we're in a 2005+ STS subforum, aren't we :) . Besides, we've already had a chat here. I should prolly pick some icon...
Well, as I said, all the videos I've seen so far didn't make it sound very impressive even though the camera was placed right behind the back of the car and like I said, I believe it was mainly due to background noise, terrible acoustics or low-quality microphone. Just making sure, heh.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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