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N* stock engine/exhaust note

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Is there some good recording of interior and exterior stock sound of the Northstar V8 STS? I was searching for some and as usual with STS, results were too few and too unsatisfactory :(
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Because the cars in which the Northstar was installed were primarily upscale sedans and coupes, built to appeal to a broad market, the exhaust note of ALL of them - stock - is ............ most unobtrusive.

STS - and you have no Cadillac - do you want a recording of the FWD Seville Touring Sedan or the later RWD STS ??? Two very, very different cars. (and the exhaust note of a later STS is quite different from the later STS-V.)
if you like the sound of the northstar
a 2001-2003 Aurora V8 will give you that
It was "tuned :louder than the Cadillac's

I actually owned both at the same time...and the Aurora had more of that traditional V8 "growl"

per haps because Olds was supposed to be the import fighter got GM

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