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My will for my car

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"If my Deville passed away due to unforseen circumstances such as accidents and/or mechanical failure other than the engine itself, I would like to call for a transplant of the Northstar engine within into another vehicle to carry on its legacy. The vehicle receving the transplant must NOT be another genuine Cadillac, but either a small FWD import/euro or a small RWD sedan/coupe such as a Catera(I do NOT consider it a Cadillac since it's really an Opel) or a Nissan 240sx/180sx. The vehicle shall not have any hint of the engine within except a Northstar 32V badge on its trunk lid, and no Cadillac badges shall be installed anywhere on the car except the engine cover. The interior front and rear leather seats must be preserved and reinstalled on a wooden frame to be used at home, the 8-way power seats must be operable. Depending on the condition of the remaining body, it shall either be completely destroyed or refurnished with the roof cut off so it can turn into a queen-sized bed."
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Go ahead and...cough...cough...send it to me...cough...cough...and I *promise*! to do as you ask when it goes. Hell, I'll even run it into a ditch FOR you!
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