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My V is saving me lots of $$$

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I turned 52 a few days ago and my V turned 2. I just realized that I am not looking for a new toy, usually I have already bought a new one well before a car is two years old....My first Vette stayed around more than 2 years, but notthing has quite made the cut since.

I still love this car, and don't know anything else I would rather have. In fact with all the money I am saving by not trading, I will likely keep the V forever and just buy a new one of some other flavor or maybe even a new V in a different color. I have to admit the coupe was really facinating for a while.... I almost bought one for the wife and might still do that...

But for now, I am really saving some $$$.
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you are lucky. the driving I do, the V2 would cost me another $2k (maybe more) in gas every year.
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