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My system. Tweeters and Insulation.

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Some poeple have requested information on how I insulate my system and where I put my tweeters, so here are some pics. The reason that I have the rag stuffed inside the speaker is because it was rattling reall bad, like it was blown, when I did this it stopped the rattling.


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what kind of tweeters (and size) are you running? and what rear deck speaks those dont look bose cuz they are white are they infinity?
The tweeters are Aiwa, they came out of a set of bookshelf speakers, and the are 1-1/4 inch. My speakers are the stock Bose, that is the rag that I talked about. The cone seperated from the rubber gasket slightly and was rattling BAD. I put the rag in as a shock abosorber and poof, no more rattle.
for the tweets did you juz run two new wires off two wires that connect to the bose speaker?
Yep, I spliced off from the main wires and ran them out to the tweeters. The tweeters have their own crossovers, so I didn't have to worry about bass and mid getting to them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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