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my seconds PCM just blew up

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Hello all.
well the dealership called me after a week saying my PCM was in and they were going to install it.
Now. they just called me back asking me questions like.. does you car have an aftermarket theft system, or amps or something else.
the reason they are asking me is because they just blew up the new PCM they ordered which took over a week to arrive!.
why would a brand new PCM just "blow up" after something like that
what gives?
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I have no idea why a new PCM, programmed to your VIN for an absolutely stock-from-the-factory car would "blow up".

If, however, the car/drivetrain/electronics is not factory-stock, I'll bet you're going to be paying for a $750 fried electronics box.

Electronics is a bitch - one voltage spike or shorted connection and POOF !!!
yep everything is stock.
I dont know how competent the dealer is for this... the lady asked me if i had a aftermarket stereo in my car.
I just kinda laughed and said no. ! LOL
well this is gona be one pricey fix. thats for sure.
i wonder if i could buy a new PCM from Ewill on the forum for a cheaper price?
They probably suffered a programming failure. Battery voltage is critical and if they didn't have it charged up it may have fallen too low and caused irreperable damage to the PCM.
Sometimes you can recover from a programming failure, guess they can't.

We could sell you a PCM but it would have to be programmed and the theft learn done.
Your dealer "should" be able to handle it.
thanks man!.
i am not sure what they have done. The dealership is a Chev and Buick dealer. However the one tech i know came from a Cadillac dealer when he moved.
also don't some new Buicks have the northstar system in them as well. so it should be basically the same stuff.
i will find out soon. its gona take another week for them to get the third PCM in.. . . so thats going on 3 and a half weeks soon.
Well i got my car back today finally.
I guess they took then hint when i got annoyed with it taking a week for my first PCM to come. so they 2 day fed ex'd it and i got the car today.
the first one blew because it had a couple of bad grounds and that's why it blew... apparently.
and also they said i had a fuel pump issue and it was not running properly. . . news to me.
any way so i walked out of there with 1793.87 CND. 1046 for the PCM and 580 for the labour
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