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Hi, right now I am in a community college persuing a 2 year associative arts degree. Natually, my biggest concern right now is getting that degree. But like many other people my age, I want to have another car, just an older Caddy or Lincoln.

I'm thinking:
-86-92 Brougham
-75-82 Eldorado coupe,
-87-94 Town Car,
-80-82 deVille
-74-76 Coupe deVille
-71-76 Fleetwood Brougham
-Any Lincoln built between 1975 and 79. (Versailles doesn't count)

Performance doesnt matter to me now, I can change that, but I do want something thats in decent shape (not much rust, good bodywork, good interior, less than 150k miles, good motor, tranny, good electronics) I don't want anything perfect, or anything too complex (too many electronics) I just want something that would be ready to drive daily in the good seasons. I would drive my '92 sedan in the snow.

I dont want to spend more than $3,500. There are many 86-92 Broughams around here with under 130k miles on them for under $3500. Surprisingly, there are quite a few nice '70s Lincolns for cheap too. And I would not get an HT4100 or Diesel. I'm thinking about putting in some major hours this summer at my job, or if thats not possible, get another job, maybe mowing lawns and what not. I know I couldn't get another car until I move out, (2 years) there's no way my parents would let me have 2 cars when I'm living at home, Unless I would share with my 16 year old brother. I know apartment, food, living and schooling is most important, but I know this is possible.
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