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My old 87' Grand Prix

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Just throwin some pics out there! Sold it on eBay last year... Kinda wish i kept it. What a great car it was... only 48k on it.


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Striking, those are so nice in good condition. I'm a G-body lover at heart.
Striking, those are so nice in good condition. I'm a G-body lover at heart.
me too. 87 was the last year of the g-body too
+1 that was a clean car. I'm a G body fan too.
Just before I bought my Seville in Nov 2004, I almost bought an '87 V-8 GP from Ebay. It had 1,200 miles. That is not a typo. The pictures of the car were amazing. The car was brand new. It was in Virginia, was burgandy with burgandy interior. I offered him $12k for it, but he wouldn't go less than $14.5k. I always wanted one of those cars, and I fell in love with it. If the miles weren't original, then there was one hell of a restoration done to that car. And I cannot see anyone putting that kind of time and money into an '87 GP. I still wish that the seller would have taken my offer.

That's the last of the "boaty" Pontiacs in the traditional sense. Is that a Brougham model?
Is that a Brougham model?
yup, power everything, and that nice cloth interior :thumbsup:
While the Grand Prix is tied with the Monte Carlo for least liked G body.... its still a G body... and i like them alot :)

Car is in really nice shape!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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