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Yeah, when your knees start hurting tennis gets tough. I have never tried raquetball, but it does look fun. I started playing tennis when I was 13 and I had found my passion, just like you and racquetball. After 2 years of playing I had a weight lifting, mile running, never get tired workout man huffing and puffing after a half an hour of playing me. I never get tired of it, no matter how many aches and pains I have I WONT STOP. I play 5-7 nights a week, that is how dedicated I am. Hell I am even starting to play left handed, so when my right arm gets hurt I can still play. I hope you find the same passion in your racquetball playing and good luck with your game. BTW Ralph, get a prettier girl than Sharapova to post pics of, I know the pickens are pretty slim, but Hantucova is prettier than her.
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