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My New '07 STS and a Question

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This is my first post here. I (actually my wife) just inherited my late father-in-law's '07 STS with 7100 miles on it. It was babied and garage-kept. I sold my 1990 Miata and am now driving the STS: what a diffference!
I've been searching this forum and have reached several conclusions: 1. the GMPP is a good idea and available for less through Black Cad and other forum sponsors; 2. the 3.6L V6 is a fairly reliable engine; 3. there are some trouble spots with the '07 STS but it's basically a reliable car.
Several threads address the "sunglass" storage question. This STS does not have Nav but does have the 6 Disk CD player. The little compartment that is allegedly for sunglass storage is too small for sunglasses. Does anyone have a good use for this compartment? I've got a nuvi 760 gps that should fit in there and my first idea is too store that gps unit in the sunglass compartment. Any other useful ideas.
Webster Groves, MO
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Many people use that little storage compartment for either CD's, a small flashlight, tissues, etc. Since the glove box is essentially useless it's so small i could barley fit my users manual in it, I just put everything in the center counsel (where your arm goes). As for mounting a GPS unit in the place of the dash council, I've heard nothing but bad things about trying to fit anything where that storage compartment is. I'd just leave it as is, and if you REALLY want an external GPS, to just mount it on the windshield, or on top of the dash.
I hope you enjoy your 07 !
I think most of the trouble spots for the STS's are little quality issues - squeaky seats, broken trim pieces, rear diff problems, some electrical problems. For the most part however, these cars have proven to be more reliable than the Seville's before it. I wouldn't worry about a GMPP until after the factory warranty is near expiration. 4 years/50k miles would mean that at the earliest your warranty would expire in 2010 (since some '07's were built in late '06).

Congrats on the car. Hope you're enjoying it!
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