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My Mods so far

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Since I can't figure out how to have my mods posted on my head sheet like others, I fugured I would give you guys a update on "DaT_CaDd":alchi:

2-12" Memphis sub-woofer
All int. Speakers Kickers including Tweeters
1- street machine sx-2300 700 watts Just for 2 memphis's
1 A/D/S PH15 6-channel- Just for ints.
1- infrared 1.5 Digital capaitor w/ Led voltage display
Regular box not Bandpass

All int. light have been switched to superwhite's well except the vanity lights in the visior :rant2:

1. WW Clear front side markers w/ Caddy Logo (5 led Matrix bulbs), Clear fogs which get put on Sunday:stirpot:
2. 8th day eyelids for the front and rear w/ the Levour Bezel on the reverse light
3. License and Reverse light swithced to super white like the Lexus's
4. Upgrades headlight to HID's w/ the corner bulb (5led Matrix Bulb)
5. Sittin in 20inch Black d'vinci's wrapped with Federal Super Steel tires s95's
6. Triple Diammond with "CTS" cut out in the bigger diamond Custom grill from Texas don't know the name though:hmm:

To Come:stirpot: Sunday the 13th.

1. Eibach lowering Springs
2. Back mesh grill for behind my Triple diamnd grill
2 Cts-v Shocks

I think that is it!!!:highfive:

Any other suggestions?? and once the weather permits and I get a full detail in and out pictures will be posted:thumbsup:
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Just bought my first Cadi. Picking it up on Saturday. CTS 3.6. Do you have any advice on things to worry about or watch. Also, I am considering the lowering option, what is your take? I know you said you are going with this, but what kind of cost are you looking at?
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