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I loved the Cadillac brand. My father worked for GM all his life and I lived in Michigan in my early years so GM is in my blood. I recently purchased a newer ATS. When I first purchased an ATS back in 2013, I settled for a black tricoat but wanted the raven. That's on me but I did get a good price. I had to get my newer black raven in the states because they weren't available in that color and trim in Canada I wanted. I did not want to make a bunch of trips to get my ATS4 so I thought the best route would be to deal with a Cadillac dealer and trust that they could satisfy my needs and address any concerns I may have. Well that did not go that well. I'm aware of the less than desired transmission set up on these cars and was willing to live with it. The rear end was the major concern for me, my old ATS felt like the rear end was going to fall off at every left or right turn at slow speeds and asked my sales rep to please make sure we do not have that issue with this ATS. The first day or so it was fine but soon it felt just like the old ATS but even worse. With that I decided that I will try and sell this one and try something else. My ultimate goal was to own a ATS V because I thought I would not have to deal with these issues. But after recent developments I will be moving in another direction.
I blame upper management for these failures and I hope someone loses their job or at least get's demoted in regards to the transmission and rear end.

The move to New York was bad but moving production to China was the last straw for me. With that in mind I can never support Cadillac again.

I must admit that the ATS is absolutely beautiful and after 4th or 5th gear a great car to drive. At almost 60 years old I have seen it all and to this day I can not figure out why and how anyone could have a problem with the CUE, it works just fine. The nav could be a bit better, but it is acceptable. Over all the designers got most of it right, but missed on the two most important things concerning a car.

Thanks for reading this.
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